Top Modern Web Design Trends

With the years moving at an accelerated rate, the web design trends are not being left behind as well. Web designers are nowadays employing newer web design trends to make their website more appealing or usable. If you check some of the top notch sites, you wonít miss some of the trendy designs in them. This article provides you with some of the popular modern web design trends.

The use of bigger and bolder text. The first thing a user finds in your page is the heading. For it to capture their attention, it should be bigger and bolder (meaning it is easy to read). This usually passes on the brand name.

Top Modern Web Design Trends

The use of ghost buttons is another trend in many popular websites. The button is referred to as a ghost mainly because of its transparent and empty look. Most of the times, you will find such a button over a video or image background. The ghost button does not change color when a cursor hovers past it. These buttons provide a sleek design that still offer the chance to show what you want on the same space. Just like the normal buttons, ghost buttons are simply call to action buttons that get the user intrigued to click on it. Their different styles get them to have a higher click-through rates and user engagement.

A fixed navigation bar or a sticky header is a feature that is trending nowadays. This adds to the experience of the user with the site. The fixed sliding bars help users to navigate easily to the next page by eliminating the need to scroll again to the top of the page. This fixed navbar always ensures that you are on the top of the viewing screen all the time.

Long scrolling sites is another trend that allow the user to get information fast on the same page than if they had to scroll from page to page. This trend developed after the use of the fixed navigation bar became popular, and then designers and web design companies decided to experiment with it. Blending this design with interactive text, animations and icons keeps the user interested in scrolling through the entire long page.

Visuals have been in use for long, but the species of visuals that is present nowadays is a different one. Presently, web designers are using engaging visuals that will get users to easily click through to get to your site. By pairing a header with an icon, the content gets enriched making pages that are too long and wordy appealing. Interactive icons now take the visuals a step ahead. They are not only helpful to users but also gets them engaged while scrolling the page. Web sites with interactive visuals offer a memorable experience to users and helps to increase the time users are on your page.

A trend that is becoming popular with the day is the use of large home page videos for the background. These videos sell the brand in a unique way instead of just text. By providing information in a visual format, a user can know what the site is selling as soon as they land on the page. More website designers are going for this option while developing their websites

With these website trends, one should keep in mind that their website should, first of all, be appealing to the audience and relevant to the industry goals. In the process of developing new inspirational web design, the use of these web design trends in the right balance will produce some amazing product. By combining the greatest trends with the original concepts, one is sure to get a stylish site that appeals to the audience and is easily navigable.